The PR Pro’s Woes of Dating

Image         Both men and women can be heard complaining about the frustrations of dating. Dating and keeping up with a relationship can become pretty complicated. Hence, the reason for the, “It’s Complicated” relationship status on Facebook! Then you add a profession or lifestyle, such as being a PR pro, to the mix, and the level of complexity increases.  Why you ask? Here are some of our assumptions:

We Never Stop:

PR pro’s don’t have to be in the office to be working. We’re constantly on our phones, checking email, sending out reminders, etc. Sometimes, It may be hard to focus on a story our date is telling us or actually enjoy the dinner you just ordered. It’s important for us to take a little time and focus on enjoying our company and the time we have with them.

Social Media Obsessed:

            Social media is a big part of any PR pro’s day. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In, or a blog, we’re busy keeping up with our own personal accounts along with our clients.

Outsiders may not seem to understand how we use Social Media aka the right way. My (Becca) boyfriend of 5 years refused to follow me on twitter because he claimed I tweeted too much. Although he now follows me, I still get complaints here and there about how I tweet too much!

Being Anonymous:

As I was chatting with one of my mentors, they shared that being anonymous or lack thereof is a something that can make dating a little more complicated.

Have you ever conducted your own background check on someone you are going on a date with? Well, as a PR pro there is a good chance that people will know a lot about you before they even meet you; A very good reason to always be on your best behavior.

Social Butterfly:

Being anonymous can also be challenging for the fact that we practically know everyone. We’re networking gurus. Our dates may get annoyed with the constant interruptions from people you run into. However, they may not mind the fact that you were able to get a hook up with free tickets and upgrade to VIP, or other perks that they benefit from with you. My boyfriend may complain about my twitter habits, but he didn’t complain when he was able to meet his favorite MLB Player because of me. You’re welcome, babe. 🙂

Comment below on how you balance work and a love life or what you think makes things a little more complicated.

2 thoughts on “The PR Pro’s Woes of Dating

  1. I love this! Your first point is so true – we’re always working. A guy I’m dating always makes me close out of my Twitter and email on my phone when we’re watching a movie, because I somehow ALWAYS find myself going to check it. It was tough at first, but the separation anxiety between my iPhone and I has died down!

    – Lindsay

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