Work It Wednesday | Matt Lush, Emily Langford + Savannah Langford

We’ve been showcasing how great of style men in PR have. Every week, one of our four contributors shares their look with us. It’s no secret that Ian Michael Crumm, Matt Prince, Matt Lush, and Ben Butler have style. Now we want to showcase not only their work style, but our readers! Email photos of yourself ‘working it’ at work to to possibly be featured.

Welcome back, Matt Lush!

photo 3 (2)

What he’s wearing:

Black long-sleeve turtleneck and scarf

Maroon Levi’s jeans

Brown Sperry oxfords

Where he’s headed:

“Definitely a casual Wednesday in the Biggest Little City. I’m off to work, then class, then a few meetings.” – Matt

Bonus Look | Parties + PR Co-Founder, Emily + Savannah Langford

photo 2 (4)photo 1 (3)

Sister, best friend, you’ve seen her on here before.

I recently switched hair products and feel the need to share! I have naturally curly hair. I mean CURLY. I’m that girl who justifies outrageously priced hair products because I have curly hair. Well, not anymore. Got2b Kinkier Gloss ‘N Define Curling Mousse (can be found at your local drugstore) is my new go-to. Man oh man, it’s a great texture and does wonders when paired with drying damp hair with a diffuser.

As for Savannah, mom of one (does a significant other count as a second?) and career woman, this casual cardi meets hunter green boot look is perfect for her time off chasing her son Dominic. Note that this is a great example of a transition outfit for the warmer temperatures.

Remember: You can send us what you’re wearing and we will feature and RT our favorites! Don’t forget to mention us and use the #WorkItWednesday hashtag when you tweet or Instagram your Wednesday looks!

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