Work It Wednesday | Mason Kesner, Betsy Davis + Emily Langford

We’ve been showcasing how great of style men in PR have. Every week, one of our four contributors shares their look with us. It’s no secret that Ian Michael Crumm, Matt Prince, Matt Lush, and Ben Butler have style. Now we want to showcase not only their work style, but our readers! Email photos of yourself ‘working it’ at work to to possibly be featured.

This week, we welcome Mason Kesner and Betsy Davis!


Last week, friends of Parties + Press Releases, Mason Kesner and Betsy Davis hit Vegas for market week. This dynamic duo is pictured here sporting a chic combination of travel wear and casual chic. Wondering why they were at market? Check out Mason’s online clothing brand, The Select Man.

Bonus Look | Parties + PR Co-Founder, Emily 

photo (22)

Finally, something unfiltered other than my mouth. I’ve been dedicated to taking better care of my skin and religiously using my Clarisonic. Here I am pictured wearing a Kardashian inspired (for Rebecca)  blazer from Banana Republic and all natural curls to kick off the third week at my new job. What transitional items are you looking forward to wearing as the temperatures get a tad warmer?

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