Work It Wednesday | Marc Banks + Rebecca Potzner

We’ve been showcasing how great of style men in PR have. Every week, one of our four contributors shares their look with us. It’s no secret that Ian Michael Crumm, Matt Prince, Matt Lush, and Ben Butler have style. Now we want to showcase not only their work style, but our readers! Email photos of yourself ‘working it’ at work to to possibly be featured.

This week, we welcome Marc Banks.

Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 4.37.44 PM Screen shot 2014-02-19 at 4.37.54 PM

What He’s Wearing: A Custom-made suit from

Shirt is from Express.

Shoes are from Aldo.

The Watch is Fossil.

Pocket square is K&G.

Where He’s Headed: Marc Banks is sending some quick emails and reviewing paper work before heading out to meet with a prospective  client (KMD Beauty).  “Preparation is key when it comes to securing and maintaining clients.”  Marc runs his own firm, Bankable PR. He’s always busy working on something for his clients or representing himself and the firm. He worked alongside P+PR Co-Founder, Rebecca, on their PRSSA Chapters E-Board.

A little more about Marc:

Marc Banks is a budding industry scholar who has created comprehensive media campaigns for a number of music artists, personalities, companies and executives.
Marc has always had a passion for the architectural design of building brands, from non-profits to startups, and media personalities, Marc has taken the helm and strategically guided brands through pitfalls and successes.

Bonus Look | Parties + PR Co-Founder, Rebecca


I’ll wear lipstick on any day, but this was a special occasion. While still on the job search, I decided to audition to be an extra for a movie that is being shot in Cincinnati. The movie, Carol, will feature Cate Blanchett as the main star and is set in he 1950’s. I loved researching the fashion and make up from the 50’s and found a simple hair tutorial to try! I did a winged eye liner, thick brows, blush, and red lipstick. My dress is by Kirna Zabete. I ended up really liking my look and may start incorporating the 50’s into my every day look. Those who auditioned should her back by February 24th.

Want a closer look the #WorkItWednesday looks? Click on the photos to enlarge!

Remember: You can send us what you’re wearing and we will feature and RT our favorites! Don’t forget to mention us and use the #WorkItWednesday hashtag when you tweet or Instagram your Wednesday looks!

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