6 Tips for Creating + Maintaining a Twitter Following

Image from freshbooks.com

Image from freshbooks.com

By: Rebecca Potzner — Co-Founder

There is no denying that many Twitter users are working to grow their following. Following sounds kind of cult-like doesn’t it? But when it comes to Twitter I think of family and community. These aren’t just numbers we’re talking about. It’s people we’re interacting with and relationships we’re building, something we must not forget.

There isn’t an exact formula, but putting  these tips to use should help build your following or community.

1. Establishing brand/personality.

People follow others because of two things, 1) Who they are 2) The content they share. Establishing your personal brand is not only going to strengthen people’s understanding of who you are and what you’re about, but it will help you share quality content true to you.

 2. Tweet often.

This isn’t to say you should tweet about every single thing you do in a day, but don’t stay silent. Just like a blog, it’s important to have consistency. Sending out a tweet once every week isn’t going to get you very far. Put some thought into what you share through your timeline, keeping your personal brand in mind. Tweet out your own content but also share others content that you found interesting or helpful.

3. Think SEO.

To get a better reach, make yourself searchable. Try to incorporate hash tags that are relevant to the content you’re sharing in your tweets. Talking about something related to public relations? Great, use #PR! Sharing some interview tips? Awesome, use #InterviewTips! Live-tweeting The Oscars? Fabulous, use their official hashtag (which I’m assuming will be #TheOscars)! If someone types those keywords in the Twitter search bar, there is a good chance they’ll come across your tweet. It’s also helpful to include hashtags in your bio.

 4. Interact with other users.

Having a presence on Twitter is of no value if you’re keeping to yourself.  This isn’t your diary, it’s a social network. To be social, you must interact! Take a look at your timeline and reply to the tweets that spark your interest. If someone tweets at you, tweet them back. If you know someone fairly well and come across something they may enjoy reading/watching then share it with them. It’s simple, really… Strike up a conversation or keep one afloat.

 5. Participate in chats.

This seems to be a part of Twitter that a lot of users either aren’t aware of or just ignore. Chats are a great way to connect with other people  and to learn. There are chats for almost anything on any day and they connect you with people you may not have normally come across. I personally enjoy participating in these Twitter chats: #BareItAll , #MillennialTalk, and #JobHuntChat.

 6. Be patient .

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your following. The less you focus on the numbers, the more progress you will see. Be grateful for the community you’ve started and build on those relationships. In time, you’ll have created a nice following for yourself and your brand.

4 thoughts on “6 Tips for Creating + Maintaining a Twitter Following

  1. I love Twiiter! For me Twitter is about networking and news. I’ve come across some of the most creative and interesting articles on Twitter. Participating in a Twitter chat is a great way to connect with others and generate traffic to your account. I was just explaining to a group of friends how beneficial and fun Twitter chats are. I’ll be sure to retweet. 🙂

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