Work It Wednesday | Ian Michael Crumm + Emily Langford

We’ve been showcasing how great of style men in PR have. Every week, one of our four contributors shares their look with us. It’s no secret that Ian Michael Crumm, Matt Prince, Matt Lush, and Ben Butler have style. Now we want to showcase not only their work style, but our readers! Email photos of yourself ‘working it’ at work to to possibly be featured.

Say hi to Ian Michael Crumm!


What he’s wearing:

Shirt: c/o/ Lele Vest: John Paul Gaultier | Jeans: Gap | Jacket: APC | Shoes: Aston Grey | Sunnies: c/o/Götti Switzerland

Where he’s headed:

Ian has been at New York Fashion Week the last few days. Dressed like that, they may try to keep him!

Bonus Look | Parties + PR Co-Founder, Emily

photo (21)

“I’ve personally always liked the idea of global domination. I never understood anyone who thought, “You know, I’m going to work really, really hard and I’m gonna be second best!”” – Tom Ford

I think nothing says “pursuit of global domination” like black on black on black on black. I was actually on my way to a job interview – and I got the job.

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