Tweet Your Way to the Top: Social Media Tips and Tricks for the PR Pro

By: Melissa Remo — Contributor


Jason A. Howie on Flickr Creative Commons

Gone are the days when we relied on newspapers and television for our daily news consumption.  What did Miley Cyrus do this time?  What’s the latest on Obamacare?  With the ever-changing landscape of technology, public relations and social media go hand in hand.  Anyone can post an update in less than 140 characters, but how do PR pros make the most out of today’s digital water cooler?

Whether you’re managing a client’s social media campaign or spicing up or your personal brand, here are a few ways to increase audience engagement.

Post, post, post!

Think about the messages you want to send your followers.  Retweet news headlines, offer commentary, and make the most out of multimedia.  We live in a visual society, so take advantage of photo opportunities and videos.  It’s OK to get a little personal.  For public figures, followers enjoy a good balance of photos, videos and personal updates.  Even if you’re managing your client’s Twitter, make sure the tweets reflect the face behind the photo.

Be a follower.

Everyone loves a new follower.  If you want a larger audience for your brand, you must first start following those you want to reach.  Take your client’s media list and regularly add reporters you’ve worked with – after all, what’s public relations without the relationships?

Regularly engage in conversation.  Did you recently snag a media placement for your client?  There’s nothing wrong with a little self-promotion.  In fact, link the placement along with the Twitter handle of the reporter.  They may offer future opportunities, not to mention possible retweets and additional followers.

Keep a lookout.

In this day and age, many companies have social media managers to handle regular updates and data analytics.  Being the fabulous multitaskers that we are, many publicists play both roles.  Make a habit of creating weekly and monthly reports.

  • Log every tweet, Facebook update and LinkedIn post with a summary of audience engagement, including likes, retweets, and replies.
  • Keep track of your most engaged followers and use this information to reach out to similar people.
  • Notice which posts get more feedback.  Is it the hashtags you use or the celebrities mentioned?  Do your followers prefer photos and videos to major news headlines?

Don’t overwhelm yourself with pie charts and graphs.  Create your reports in a way you can look back on it a month from now – and leverage these results to expand your client’s (or your own) social media campaign.

While press releases are certainly not dead yet, social media continues to thrive as a PR tool.  Information has been made available at our fingertips – with a little thought and proactive execution, you or your client can reach an entirely new community of people.  Stay social and let us know your own ways in managing the digital world!

Melissa Remo is a 2013 Media Studies graduate and currently works as a public relations assistant for a PR agency in New York City.  She previously worked in PR/marketing at NBC and CBS.  A media junkie with a passion for public relations and entertainment, Melissa enjoys writing, reading, and keeping up the big city.

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