Be Kind to Regina George: Networking With Mean Girls

By: Katelyn Sweet — Contributor

It’s time to have the mindset that every person you cross paths with has the potential to be a future employer.


With that being said, put on your big girl panties and recognize the truth about the PR world. If you can’t get along with people, even those you aren’t fond of, you’re going to struggle in your future profession. Having close friends is important, but secluding your circle to just a few people is not going to further your network.


So drop the old clique-y ways of the past because that is not how you are going to be successful in this industry. Now, it isn’t realistic to expect to get along with virtually every person you meet. But there is a difference between burning bridges and being a professional acquaintance to others. So there happens to be that one girl in your organization you just can’t seem to get along with—it’s human nature and it’s acceptable.


But, the subtweets and eye rolls aren’t acceptable, and they are not going to get you anywhere in a positive manner. Then there’s that one girl in your class that seems to know-it-all and press your buttons, giving her the evil eye may make you feel better now, but one day she could be the person sitting in on your interview, or even your boss. Trust me, she won’t forget the prior catty experiences.


So you don’t have to ask every person you meet to go on a lunch date, but being the bigger person and remembering that PR is all about the relationships you are fostering is important.  Keep an open mind and put on a good face to all that you meet, even the Regina Georges of the world.


Katelyn Sweet is a senior at Central Michigan University with a public relations major and journalism minor. She is the director of recruitment for CMU PRSSA and assistant director of PR for Grand Central Magazine. With a variety of passions, Katelyn loves fashion, traveling, music, sports and all things related to chocolate or wine. She’s a city girl at heart with an unconditional love for a Michigan summer on the lake, therefore hoping to take her PR career to a city on the water somewhere.

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