The College 5 | 5 Things I Wouldn’t Change About My College Experience


The first College 5 post was about a handful of things I would’ve done different in College, if I could.  Today, I want to share with you some things I wouldn’t change about my college experience.


1.  Involvement with Student Organizations

o   Student involvement was something I looked for when choosing a college to attend. So, it was only natural for me to join PRSSA, rush into a sorority, and start an organization of my own. Being a part of on-campus organizations allows you to gain new friendships, learn something new, give back and have some fun. I highly suggest students join at least one organization. Being involved can be very beneficial and make a world of difference to those commuting to campus. My fondest college memories are from events and quality time with PRSSA and my sorority sisters.

2. Stayed close to the city

o   I debated going to a university that was out in the boondocks versus a university that was a 10-minute drive to the city. I chose the university close to the city, and every day I drove past downtown Cincinnati; My heart yearning, my mind dreaming and devising ways to one day work in the buildings touching the clouds. Since I was so close to the city, I had access to many opportunities for networking and experience. Looking back, I’m glad I stayed close because I may not have had as many internship opportunities or chances to network.

3. Paired PR with something not so typical

o   Students tend to pair their PR major with another major or minor to something similar, such as communications. I, on the other hand, had to make things complicated and went with media Informatics. At first, it was because of my interest in computer design. However, the more I learned, the more I realized how valuable these skills were in the PR industry. When declaring another major, minor, or area of concentration, choose something that interests you, but will give you a competitive edge.

4.  Built my own networking spiderweb

o   One and two most certainly helped me network throughout college. Because I was involved and close to the city, I was interacting with a lot of people and learning about people I wanted to connect with. In our industry, networking is crucial. Don’t be afraid to reach out to professionals.

There was a company in Cincinnati that I admired and really wanted to work for. So, I reached out to every person in the company until they would meet with me and put me to work. Without being annoying but persistent , it finally worked.

5. Had some fun!

o   We attend college for preparation of working the rest of our lives. College is our chance to work hard and play hard. Tailgate, attend a game, go to a themed Fraternity party, visit your friends at other universities. Whatever you do, make sure you’re balancing your work with some fun.

What are some things you wouldn’t change about your college experience?

2 thoughts on “The College 5 | 5 Things I Wouldn’t Change About My College Experience

  1. I would definitely agree that joining student organizations is so beneficial! I have learned so much and have made amazing connections. Even if I don’t stay in Florida where my school is located, I can still have great references from local professionals since I have worked with them and volunteered for them.

    Thanks for sharing!

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