Menswear in the Workplace | Essentials

By: Logan Sweet — Contributor

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Over the next few weeks, Logan Sweet, guest contributor for Parties + Press Releases, will be sharing his take on menswear in the workplace. Below is the first installment.

Menswear Must-haves

It should come as no surprise that the men who answer the siren call of public relations and make it their passion are dedicated, talented, extremely dependable individuals. Self-assurance and attention to detail mark our character, and examples of our work prove our worth.

Our professional efforts as public relations aficionados display the key traits that all experts in our field should possess; and the same should be said for our style in the workplace.

The following is a list of menswear must-haves that all male PR pros should adopt and embrace as their own.

The Essentials


The Suit Jacket: A classic staple of American, professional attire that shows you can roll with the most experienced of professionals.

The Blazer: For the days when a suit isn’t needed. A modern texture and fit shows you’re up with trends, an important quality of all PR pros.


The Classics: A solid colored shirt, with button down collar allows for multiple shirt, tie and jacket combinations.

Gingham and Pinstriped: These styles, with a poplar collar, can be paired well with a wool tie or bowtie for a modern look that expresses the ability to match contemporary ideas with tried and true classics.


The Suit Pants: Classic black, blue and grey suit pants will pair well with most shirt and tie combinations, and can be rotated throughout the workweek for optimal outfit options.

Khaki Slacks: Tan or black khakis can be dressed up with shirt, tie, sweater and blazer for a business casual look that expresses youth and style, in a professional fashion.


Wingtips and Caps Toes: A standard black shoe pairs well with a black or grey suit, as well as khakis. A brown wingtip shoe with a fitted blue suit allows you to be professional, as well as modern and trendy.


Ties: Silk, wool or bowtie for maximum shirt and tie combinations.
Belts: Black and brown leather belts, for both suit and khaki options.

Socks: Black, tan, argyle, striped…anything that isn’t white!

Timepieces: Always analog, never digital. PR pros should appeal to all ages, but professionals should definitely be able to read watch hands.

Of course, this list is basic, and a multitude of options can be added to round out a PR pro’s wardrobe.  However, the fact of the matter is this, while our demeanor and work may express our finest qualifications and professionalism, our wardrobe should say the same to both potential clients and employers. Just like the brands we manage, our image is entirely our own to curate, and we should rely on these basics to express ourselves as effectively as possible.


Logan Sweet is your average college senior with the not so average soul of an old man. A media junkie, he writes on fresh Marketing and Social Media techniques for those who’ll listen.

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