Allstate Insurance ‘The Good Life’ | Corny or Effective?

Bonjour! Emily here.

How many times have you heard that PR is storytelling? A bunch. Many professionals claim to know the importance of it, but I don’t know how many are actually practicing it. I was piddling on Facebook earlier today when I came across an Allstate Insurance video. Due to my year and a half working at a hospital, I’ve developed an overly cynical attitude towards insurance companies. Furthermore, I’m always looking to criticize them.

When I saw people claiming that this video was ‘inspirational,’ my first thought was not something appropriate to repeat.

After watching it, I had to give Allstate props. This video had made me forget that they were trying to sell me something. I was genuinely impressed. Being the PR nerd that I am, I began trying to figure out whether this was the work of great marketing, or great PR.

After little deliberation, I have decided that this is great PR. Mostly because they chose to take an emotional approach, trying to establish a trust between the viewer and the brand. They give you a favorable image of Allstate. They show you how their brand fits into your everyday life, and that their ideas and values line up with yours. The video didn’t revolve around Allstate. In fact, you don’t even know who the video is about until the end.

The idea of captivating audiences with methods of motivation is something I’m truly an advocate of. I think it’s extremely effective and creates a union with your audience.

Click here to watch the video. 

What are your thoughts? Let us know!

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