Why are They Blogging?

When we met each other at PRSSA National Conference in October, we had no idea we would end as good friends. We definitely didn’t know we would become brand partners. When you start a project, the first thing you should always ask yourself is “why?” Well, Parties and Press Releases began because if you haven’t noticed, PR majors, and young PR professionals are extremely friendly, therefore; we wanted to create a place where all of us could come together and talk about our PR problems.

The launch of our blog is 10 percent because we had the ideas to get us this far, but 90 percent because of you all. You have welcomed P&PR into your daily lives. We are privileged to be able to connect with each of you on some level, and are full of excitement to see what the futures holds.

Most importantly, this blog isn’t about us. If you want to know about us, follow our personal account on Twitter. This blog, this entire brand and idea, is about an industry of purpose-driven, ambitious and creative individuals who want to change the world… one press release and late-night-early-morning at a time. This blog—is about YOU.


5 thoughts on “Why are They Blogging?

  1. I love this idea! Geraldine inspired me to start my own blog although I’m still young and inexperienced in the Public Relations field. I hope to continue to find inspiration through following your blogs! Thank you!!!

  2. This is a wonderful blog. I look forward to reading upcoming posts. I was also at the PRSSA San Fran National Conference. (Rowan University) What a great experience it was!

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